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Brother Yan, does Big Brother have the confidence? Jasper felt that he was no different from an elementary school kid. He had lost all his sense of judgement. He could feel the tsunami of sounds from both inside and outside the arena. Honestly, he would have been paralysed the moment he stepped up there. What kind of will and determination would it require?


Wang Zheng’s eyes were closed slightly. He was feeling the atmosphere under the same breath, but the feelings were completely different. Every cell seemed to exude battle will. Was this what the soldiers were pursuing?


The big screens were now focused on Wang Zheng. He was now considered a legend. A human who had continuously humiliated Aslan, Arbiter, Manalasuo, and other great nations. It was already a miracle to have taken the title of the Greatest King in Elite Academy X. Honestly speaking, had Saruman Snake not sprung such a surprise, this SIG would not have reached such scale. Aslan and Arbiter would not have such a lineup either. Although both parties were hostile, they also had a tacit understanding. This time, they had been forced to go all out.


“Vital energy does not mean that there is life. Under different circumstances of disturbances, the scanning results would show very different results. On the constellation map, through observations from space, it could be seen that this could be a space collapse. A turbulence in the space collapse could cause the scan results to show that it is a planet with life.”


As soon as Ouyang Chuanyun entered the arena, the audience started to cheer. The Sword Shield Rose battle team seemed particularly relaxed for this match.


Wang Zheng’s understanding of the Five Elements had been derived from special circumstances. And never had there been danger like this.

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After a short moment of silence, the whole arena erupted in cheers. In contrast to the dejected Aslan citizens, those that supported Saruman Snake were crazily celebrating. Back on the Moon, Achilles victory brought countless people to tears. The people of the Moon had waited for far too long they have desired such a perfect victory, a matchs victory that fits the standard of beauty of the people of the Moon. Who knew how many talents from the Moon had been lost. And today, Achilles had finally stood out. In this moment, Achilles won over all of the people of the Moon.


But… Wang Zheng’s Ability X was inhibited. How could he produce such power?


Wang Zheng was a representative of another dream. He was an unknown youth before he became the strongest king and led the Saruman Snake battle team to invincibility. It was like living a dream.


Kashawen stole a glance at Aina. Aina was a little pale. This was just the beginning. If Wang Zheng were to continue, Zhang Shan would not be the only one to die. They would not be able to take this. People were not as strong as they believed.


More than 40 people had gathered in the area. Most of the surviving captains on island A had come. It was hard not to know when the commotion was this big.


Even if they met in the main competition, such a psychological disadvantage would see him unable to bring forth his true power. And such a psychological disadvantage could not be erased. At least, at this age, he could not.


As Mars was attacking, his right fist had flown out, and his left shoulder had braced itself. He did not need to dodge Wang Zheng’s elbow. He wanted to test its power. Mars had truly believed that this elbow could not fell him.



You Highness, the Prime Minister is adulating. In my opinion, Wang Zheng should give up now. In fact, he has already proven himself by having come so far. I think that there is still opportunity for the both of you. But you cant fight fire with fire, said Lacus in a low voice.



The source of the power was flowing entirely from Wang Zhengs body. In terms of the confrontation of spiritual power, B-level could never confront A-level. Hence it was simply impossible to use Atlantis Runic Matrices to suppress it. However, Wang Zheng could absorb the forces and unleash them using his own minor five elements!


Once this news was announced, it caused an extraordinarily heated discussion among the military schools across the countries. The same heated discussion was taking place in a strong school like Elite Academy X as well. Looking at the configuration of the top eight, only Elite Academy X had two teams that had advanced to the quarter-finals. Other strong regions, like Aslan and Arbiter, only had one team that had advanced to the quarter-finals. Furthermore, there was an internal conflict in the Elite Academy; otherwise, the result may have been better.


It really is unimaginable. Against Ability X that is one level lower, Achilles managed to overwhelm his opponent using physical techniques. In that last attack, the spear managed to strike the Knight of the Holy Light, which was hiding in the void. It is simply unbelievable!

  • Mars paid him no heed. He ignored this Aslan Royal College captain.
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