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It was obvious that Luo Fei did not know how to maneuver the shovel. Having something like a shovel in hand could also be a hindrance.


It was a step closer to the road to Atlantis. Cultivating a leader among the humans required influence. The best option to achieve this was by defeating the Atlanteans. This was typical of the humans, to worship the powerful. Furthermore, it was time to decide the winner among the three major civilizations.


Being popular was only natural. With popularity and the accumulation of fans, the interviews would be hot topics. Apparently, even the attending military personnel at the meeting were very interested. This was because the interviews contained the personal views and evaluations of the players. It also included the players’ predictions of the winner of this SIG.


There were no objections. This qualifier had been quite harsh. Under majority consent, the minority opinion was also dismissed. The elimination rate was too high, and the remaining survival battle no longer held meaning.


The members of Sword Shield Rose were shocked, and clearly could not believe it. Although it looked bad, Ouyang Chuanyun had a chance for a critical strike.


The three continuous strike missed. Esing the protection from Flames of the Blazing Angel, Lie Xin managed to reach the opponent

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Six consecutive punches, and shockwaves flew everywhere. The soil flew, and debris rocketed. Wang Zheng was still in his half-squat, his hands postured unmovingly, fending off Mars’ savage attack. He could not shrug free, but he did not let Mars achieve his goal.


He did not give any sort of guarantee. Instantly, there was some commotion within the team. In fact, Xie Yuxin saw it even more clearly. The trackers were superfluous, a redundant addition. If those people had wanted to kill them, they would have done so earlier. Since they did not kill them, it meant that there were some other ulterior motives. It did not matter if they were with or without the trackers. There was a motive to anything. If that was the case, the motive was very clear. The mastermind behind this was afraid that the people would not amount to much and just laze around it would then defeat the purpose. Hence, they would have left ways to remove the trackers. Just as Xie Yuxin had predicted, he had found it and it had worked. However, even now, with the solution in hand, there were still people doubting it. Cest la vie.


However, they had neglected the fact that the humans were best at researching and studying. It had been a long time since the Mayans displayed extraordinary power beyond the norm, so how could humans be oblivious to it?


It would’ve been okay if he could not get it, but the shipping alliance that Margate Interstellar Airline had spent an enormous price for previously had fallen apart.


González drew his titanium knife. Everyone’s gazes froze. Knife or not was a completely different notion. Without the knife, even a loss would not translate to a fatal wound. But with a weapon, especially at this level, a slip up would mean death or grave injury. Which meant death.


Wang Zheng had chosen a good place. He had cleared the surroundings and raised a campfire. In this place at this time, such actions seemed to be asking for death, but Wang Zheng had done it.


Only a person of a certain caliber would be able to sense the subtle differences in details. Wang Zheng could not help but frown. Snow Li was panicking a little… very suddenly, but why?



Thus, two of the strongest warriors of the younger generation facing off in this battlefield was a blessed thing for all audiences. It might be the same for both of them too.



Aside from them and the captured royal fleet members, there were some military students who were in the Saint World who had been forcefully kidnapped to this planet using some specially strange teleportation technique.


Lear wanted to see what else Wang Zheng had prepared. Wang Zheng was definitely good at using the blade, and even in warping space. But Qiankun Zadeh’s move did not allow him to exercise his potential at all.


Immediately, Jonken clammed up. After half a beat, the money was confirmed in his account. He handed his number to Yan Xiaosu, but clearly had not given up on establishing relations. “It’s not impossible if you want to meet the governor, but the price…”

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