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With the alloy spear standing up straight, Holy Light energy radiated. In a different scenario, everyone would have been in awe of the amazing and strong energy radiating from him, but even a normal person could see that this energy suppression did not work on Achilles. Achilles may not be able to go against or counter such a move, but the whole Knight of the Holy Knight seemed to be of one body.


The Overlord made an arc as it charged towards the Holy Light Swordsman. It was again another round of laser attacks, but the Overlord had instead forcefully dropped from mid-air and charged in front of Di Maria at high speeds.


The most important thing was, of course, the medical organisations. Treatment rooms were already setup within the arena, and the medical teams were made up of the best doctors and nurses from the Capital Hospital from Aslan. Those who lost their spirits to fight, or admitted defeat, would be considered to have been defeated. Any intentional causation of injuries or death were strictly prohibited. The final results would be judged by the jury.


Up next, Mu Zhen. From the sample, we have also done a detailed analysis of the cells and genes of the Tita giant. Weve found a very intriguing thing. The vitality of the Tita giant is much higher than that of humans. To be exact, it is the highest among the different regular races in the Milky Way Alliance, said Sabot.


Even if they met in the main competition, such a psychological disadvantage would see him unable to bring forth his true power. And such a psychological disadvantage could not be erased. At least, at this age, he could not.


Several space physicists were watching Xiao Fei with concern. She had not slept in three days and two nights. Initially, they had been somewhat unconvinced of her ability. After all, she was so young. However, over the past few days, they had clearly appreciated her ability.

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The sword’s aura penetrated the Sun God Battle Crystal. However, the Sun God Battle Crystal, who was carrying the dark radiance, pounced on the Knight of Holy Light with a dark gloomy atmosphere. A piece of the mech was devoured by a mere touch on the side.


As for his right hand, it was spinning and absorbing the power of the frost that was spreading the air earlier. It was suppressing continuously and had formed an azure blue sphere.


The golden sword struck the Rune Sword. Wang Zheng was not bewitched by the avatar ability. Of course, he understood the reason, but the Phantom King’s Avatar ability was not just a simple bewitchment.


The actions taken by Wang Zheng were much more difficult. He could not afford to allow his spirit to be clouded because he needed to maintain this power. If he lost his cool, the current power was more than enough to crush him, even without Aragorn having to attack.


The Sacred Religion had progressed to this stage. Loyalty was not important to them; suitability was what they needed.


The Arbiters would definitely not allow such rumours to spread, and Aragorn was also not blind. If he were to become Princess Aina’s man, all the more Wang Zheng must die. Aragorn did not have the bad habit that Mars and his brother had: treating each other like brothers. This was a world where the strong feed on the weak. He had a greater ambition and he also lacked a woman. Princess Aina was the crown pearl, and she would, of course, suit him.


Before this battle, Jondi Lilick had believed that he would definitely be able to catch up to Wang Zheng in two years time. But now, he knew that he was being naive.



The endless cheers continued until Jondi Lilicks voice sounded. Let us now hear from the two captains. Lets welcome Captain Lin Feng!



“Sarabujal, stop prevaricating. Say what you see. I know I’m not as good as you in this regard,” Bolet said. This Manalasuo general never cared about pride. He only cared about learning.


Wang Zheng might not have known it himself, from IG to the Greatest King, in the hearts of countless military students, this had been hailed as the best combination technique of strength and supple. If ever a young person was seen spinning a shovel tirelessly, he or she would not be considered mad.


Attracted by the electro-optic power disseminated by the two mecha, a gigantic lightning bolt flashed from the sky. But it split just as it was falling, hitting both mech warriors.

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